Values in education at Korowal School

Korowal is a learning community based on shared values. 



We value a love of learning as a lifetime endeavour in pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

This means

  • our learning environment is creative and harmonious
  • the curriculum is integrated, challenging, nourishing and holistic
  • curiosity and endeavour are fostered
  • our children use quality materials
  • we provide considered feedback and evaluation
  • we take time to encourage concentration and reflection
  • our teachers demonstrate involvement and competence
  • we recognise beauty and quality


We value the qualities of compassion, equity, respect and commitment.

This means we

  • listen and respond with openness and empathy
  • strive to inspire others through our own actions
  • are fair and kind
  • are trustful and approachable
  • are committed to resolution of conflict
  • act inclusively, ethically and without prejudice


We value the uniqueness, and complexity and humanity of each individual.

This means we

  • acknowledge diverse abilities, gifts, strengths and weaknesses
  • challenge others in a supportive way to realise their potential
  • are open to self appraisal and reflection
  • act with integrity
  • foster independent thought and resilience
  • act mindfully with responsibility and without fear
  • cherish childhood and the consciousness of children
  • nurture the balanced development of body, mind and spirit

School community

We value the role of the individual in sustaining the school community.

This means

  • we create a mutually supportive environment where all are free to learn
  • we acknowledge our responsibilities to the larger community
  • all are included, cared for and supported
  • parents participate and contribute
  • the rights and responsibilities of all are respected
  • we seek consensus in governance and decision-making

World community

We aspire to be a school that is beneficial for the present and future world community.

This means

  • our education prepares children for life as world citizens
  • we promote decision making that supports sustainability
  • we act to preserve the world heritage natural environment
  • we encourage awareness of other cultures
  • we seek to advance human-centred, sustainable education
  • we act for peace and conciliation

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