Principles and practice of education at Korowal

Korowal was founded in 1978 with the aim of providing a human-centred learning environment.

Education at Korowal is inspired by the following principles:

Human-centred education

  • The quality of human relationships is the heart of the educational process. Committed, mutually respectful relationships between students, teachers and parent/guardians are crucial to educational happiness and success.
  • The whole human being is educated in a balanced and integrated way: intellectually, creatively, socially, physically, emotionally, ethically and spiritually.
  • The aim of education is to develop full human potential.
  • The values of compassion, tolerance , equity, respect, empathy, commitment, resilience, and critical thinking are consciously fostered.

Human scale education

  • A small school is a school on a human scale. In a small school students, teachers and parent/guardians can be known, understood and valued as individuals. The special needs and talents of every individual can be accommodated in the learning process.
  • Korowal's small size and integrated structure enables it to function as a community in which teachers, parents and students of all ages know, understand and care about each other. A supportive community is the best environment for educational success and social development.
  • A school on a human scale balances individual with community.

Sustainable education

  • Korowal aims for social, environmental and educational sustainability.
  • Educational sustainability promotes a lifelong love of learning and encourages the idea of learning as a process, not a product.
  • A small community with human-centred values is socially sustainable.
  • Korowal is continually assessing and developing environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Peace, conciliation and love of the whole earth are actively encouraged.

Secular education

  • Korowal is not affiliated with any religion.
  • We encourage tolerance and mutual respect.


  • In a world where children's experience is increasingly fragmented, Korowal aims to provide an integrated and holistic educational experience from kindergarten to the HSC.
  • Our curriculum is thematic and interdisciplinary.
  • Creative work is integrated with academic work.
  • Multiple-aged learning groups transcend the rigid social and educational separation of students into single ages.
  • Relationships between students and their teachers continue for several years.


  • Korowal values quality in every aspect of the teaching and learning process - in the classroom, in the physical environment, and in the relationships between all members of the school community.
  • Students are encouraged to take time: time to learn, time to appreciate quality, time to be children. In this environment, every student is capable of producing quality work.


  • Korowal is not formally connected with, or supported by, any religion, educational movement or larger governing body.

Democratic governance

  • Korowal is democratically governed by an elected council of equal numbers of teachers and parents who aim for and achieve consensus.

Access and equity

  • Korowal aims to keep its fees as low as possible, offers scholarships and provides significant discounts for the third and subsequent children in a family.
  • Korowal actively supports the integration of students with special needs and believes that their inclusion enriches the whole school community.
In their own words

"It's more than a school. It's a caring community."

"My son started at Korowal in year 7 this year. His enthusiasm and love for school since he started have been wonderful to watch"

"School as it should be... Inspiring, innovative teachers, small classes and a warm, caring atmosphere. No desperate hot-housing or demoralising grading of children. Learning as fun and fun in learning. Happy, confident kids."

"This is a school where your child will never be just another face in the crowd."

"To be able to educate my son in a school that values kindness, respect and care for all beings and the environment is such a special gift in this age of measuring, ranking and comparisons."

"Mature, respectful treatment of all students by all staff - and the expectation that students will return that respect - marks out Korowal from my son's previous school experiences. My son will leave Korowal not only with a good HSC mark, but also with a raft of independent learning strategies and the confidence to find his own direction in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that a small school offers a better learning environment for our children."

"Because we have travelled widely my son has been to a few schools. This is the school where he is happiest, and the most fulfilled, both creatively and academically. Each lesson is valued, and the teaching/ learning relationship is a pleasure. This contrasts very much with the competitive, result driven schools he has attended in the past which were quite damaging for his confidence."

"When you walk into Korowal you get the overwhelming sense that the children here are really allowed to enjoy the benefits of being a child. They are schooled in a beautiful and nurturing environment where individuality is embraced, creativity flourishes and a true appreciation of the environment and fellow humans is at the core of a unique educational experience."

"Korowal is the school I would like to have attended when I was a child - it's as close to an ideal school that's it's possible to get. Not only does it provide a rich and rounded ecuation for my children, we all feel part of the Korowal family where individuals are noticed, appreciated and respected."


Korowal parents