HSC results
2012 HSC results

Within our Year 11 and 12 HSC candidates there were extraordinary results, both academically and personally. There are many ways of reflecting upon success. For some students, getting up and performing in a group devised piece of theatre, completing a unique work of art, or a Personal Interest Project, is the highlight of their senior years' studies. For others, the highlights may be less demonstrable. Academic success can take on many forms. For some students a band 6 or band 5 (ie. in the top 10% or 20% of the state) is the personal goal which is set in individual subjects and which is also attained. For others, knowing that they have completed all subjects and attained a Higher School Certificate is the goal. As teachers we are in the privileged position of facilitating students to attain their personal best at this stage of their lives, and we are constantly astounded at the significant developments and achievements which individuals have accomplished when we are looking at their HSC results.

In conjunction with the importance we place on each student and their progress, the school can celebrate some outstanding results in Drama. Half of the Drama class attained band 6 (top 10%). Art, English, Studies of Religion, Physics and Mathematics results were also very strong.



2010 HSC results

Our HSC students continued the tradition of achieving wonderful results in this year’s Higher School Certificate. Students presented for the award this year in Physics, Biology, Drama, English (Standard), Mathematics 2 Unit, Mathematics Extensions 1 and 2, Modern History, History Extension, PD Health PE, Studies of Religion and Visual Arts.

Every student had reason to be proud of their achievements and we applaud all students for their effort, not simply those who excelled academically. Throughout their studies we witnessed the students grow in their understanding of studentship, their demonstrated acceptance of responsibility and their commitment to ongoing learning. We believe they emerge from the experience with a greater understanding of themselves.

There were fabulous individual achievements. For some it was enough to simply complete two years of senior study, while for others university entry was a fixed goal. Students who work to their abilities, and who are ready to become active and concerned citizens of this 21st century, are the real heroes and heroines of the HSC. Top band results were achieved in Biology, Drama, Visual Arts, Mathematics Extension 1 and 2, Modern History, History Extension, and PD Health PE. This year's Drama achievements were exceptional.

We congratulate alltudents and staff for a wonderful year, and wish all our graduates every success in their future endeavours.


2009 HSC results

Korowal School students achieved great results in this year’s Higher School Certificate.

Students presented for the award in Chemistry, English (Standard and Advanced), English Extension (1 and 2), Information Processes and Technology, General Mathematics, Music 1, Society and Culture and Visual Arts.

Results were pleasing, and each student had reason to be proud of her / his achievement. In today’s world, too much is made of League Tables which emphasise the achievements of academically select students – the HSC is much more than this, and Korowal applauds the results of all its students, not simply those who are academically superior. Students who work to their abilities, and who are ready to become active and concerned citizens of this 21st century are the real heroes and heroines of the HSC.

For those who pursue the League Table concept, of particular note were the outstanding results obtained this year by our Music 1 students – one third achieved Band 6 (more than 90%), and three-quarters Band 5 or better (over 80%). In Visual Arts, too, outstanding results were achieved – one fifth achieved Band 6, and seventy percent gained results of Band 5 or better. Band 6 was also achieved in Society and Culture. In English Advanced one fifth achieved Band 5 or better, and English Extension 1 and Extension 2 students were very strong with 43% achieving the second top band.

Axel William’s art work was selected for “Art Express” and Luciano Carment’s work in music was selected for “Encore”.


Congratulations to our 2008 HSC students

Korowal congratulates all of our 2008 HSC students on their achievement last year. Our students gained Band 5 or above in seven out of the eight subjects undertaken last year.  Excellent results were achieved in Studies of Religion, Mathematics and Modern History, and in Visual Arts there were four Band 6 results.

There were a number of fine individual achievements: Ebony Daley Carey and Rebekah Harrison are to be congratulated for their outstanding overall achievement. The art works of Daniel Knott, Kit Rigby and Ebony Daley Carey were short-listed for ArtExpress, and Daniel’s pastel drawings were chosen for exhibition. Many other students obtained results that exceeded their own expectations.

We are thrilled at the success of our students who have achieved academic distinction, but we are equally proud of our students who during their school years have developed the selfknowledge that enables them to discover their talents and achieve their goals. They approach life after school with creativity, optimism and a sense of who they are, and their curiosity for learning is not dulled.


2007 HSC Results

Korowal is proud of its students’ results in the 2007 HSC. We acknowledge the achievement of all students, particularly those for whom the HSC is a significant challenge – and for whom a pass or better reflects a strong will and determination to succeed.

Korowal presented HSC students in Chemistry, English Advanced, English Standard, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Information Processes and Technology, Mathematics General, Modern History, History Extension, Music 1, Society and culture and Visual Arts in 2007.

We live in a world in which HSC league tables take a significance that they do not deserve. Korowal is about much more than examination results –we aim to competent, confident and balanced individuals who are able to choose wisely and act ethically in an often confusing society.

Nevertheless, results were excellent – all students passed, with 33% of students achieving Band 5 (80%-89%) or Band 6 (90%-100%) results. Of particular note were the English Advanced results, where 54% of Korowal candidates achieved Band 5 or better. Additionally, two thirds of English Extension One and English Extension Two candidates achieved top band results.

Korowal was again ranked in the major newspapers’ “top 200” schools in NSW.

We are a small school, which consistently presents HSC students who score well above state averages. While this is pleasing, it is also true that our students are well placed to be citizens of a complex twenty-first century.


Congratulations to our 2006 HSC students

(and their fantastic teachers).

This year’s Higher School Certificate results at Korowal were terrific.

Half the subjects presented students who achieved Band 6 results (marks greater than 90%), and three quarters of subjects presented students who achieved Band 5 results or better (marks greater than 80%).

Our candidates were successful not only in terms of gaining high marks (of which there were many), but also in achieving great individual results.

We undertake the HSC in two stages – students take half their subjects each year, allowing accumulation of the HSC over two years. This lets students concentrate on fewer subjects during each HSC exam period, typically three subjects rather than six.

Korowal presented candidates in this iteration of the HSC in Drama, English Standard, English as a 2nd Language, Mathematics 2U and Extension 1, Physics, Society and Culture and Visual Arts. Band 6 results were achieved in Mathematics 2U, Society and Culture and Visual Arts. Additionally, an E4 Mathematics Extension 1.


Congratulations to our 2005 HSC

(and their fantastic teachers).

Korowal is extremely proud of all of its 2005 H.S.C. students.

Almost all of them exceeded their own expectations and fulfilled the school's aim: that they finish school with a positive, thoughtful, compassionate approach to life and learning.

For the third consecutive year Korowal was ranked in the Daily Telegraph's "top schools" rankings. Korowal was ranked 108th in the state's top 200 schools.

Korowal was also ranked 57th in the state by the Sydney Morning Herald on the basis of performance in English.

A remarkable 22% of our students gained a U.A.I of over 90%.

Korowal students achieved band 6 results (above 90%) in Chemistry, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Extension 2 English, General Mathematics, Visual Art and Music. Students were extremely well represented in band 5 (over 80%) in all subjects.

The school offers particular congratulations for exceptional results to Rosie Cintio, Charlie Finch, Tim Lathouris, Charlotte Marshall, Guy Oosterhoff, Elaine Smith and Rosie Swanton; to Chloe Rapa, whose art work was selected for Art Express, and to Tim Lathouris whose musical performance was shortlisted for Encore.


Outstanding Korowal results for HSC 2004

We are very proud of our 2004 HSC students. By any standards, their results and achievements were excellent. Most of our students achieved or exceeded the goals they set themselves and we were very well represented in the "honour rolls".

In fact, Korowal was Ranked the "top school" in the Blue Mountains for the second consecutive year in the Sydney Daily Telegraph's annual HSC rankings* (and second in the western region after the selective school, Penrith High). Korowal was ranked in the top 50 schools in NSW.

Our students gained band 6 results (90% or over) across the spectrum of subjects - maths, sciences, humanities, and creative arts. In 9 of 11 subjects presented in 2004, students gained band 5 or better (over 80%).

Our students' work was selected for Onstage andArt Express.

There were a number of very fine individual efforts. Congratulations in particular to Guy Oosterhoff, Tim Lathouris, Charlotte Marshall, Erika Wagner and Eamon Waterford for exceptional overall achievements. Karen Crespo's drama video was selected for OnStage and Jeremy Blake's drawings will be shown in ArtExpress at Olympic Park from February 28th.

It is a great credit to these students who, in the collegiate atmosphere of the senior school, have been engaged, motivated and focused, balancing busy social lives, creative activities, paid work and school - and to their committed, inspiring teachers.

*These rankings are a relatively narrow measure of success, as they only measure the proportion of students who gain band 6 results. Our aims for our students are far broader. We hope that they will discover and achieve their potentials, and finish school with a positive, thoughtful, passionate approach to life and learning.


HSC Success 2003

Students at Korowal School achieved their most impressive results for a number of years. Over 25% of candidates gained a UAI of 90+.

Special congratulations to Alli Barnard, Jesse Douglass, Kate Harrison, Ian Oosterhoff, Stephanie Simcox and Janis Thomas who all gained mention on merit lists for results in the top band for one or more subjects. Those subjects included Chemistry, English Advanced and Extension, Modern History and Visual Arts.

The School is very proud of all this year's candidates who have maintained our tradition of scholarship and endeavour.

Students who were offered university places include:

  • Alli Barnard: B Visual Arts, Uni of Sydney
  • Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi: B App Science (Env Mgmt), UWS
  • Jesse Douglass: B Science (Advanced), Uni of Sydney
  • Lucy Forbes: B Arts, UWS
  • Kate Harrison: BA Architecture, UTS
  • Andrew Keane: B Commerce, Uni New England
  • Ian Oosterhoff: BSc/BCom, Uni of Sydney
  • Janis Thomas, BA Architecture, UTS

2002 HSC success

We were delighted with the results our students achieved in the 2002 HSC.

In particular, we had three students who achieved mentions on the HSC Merit List in Physics, Mathematics 2 Unit and Mathematics Extension 1. Congratulations to Jesse Douglass, Ian Oosterhoff and Neal Harris.

Two students, Neal Harris and Holly Miller, achieved UAI scores in the 90s.

Many students achieved results beyond their expectations which gave them their families and their teachers particular pleasure.

Special congratulations to all the Physics and Drama students whose collective results placed them well above the state average.

As a school we are very proud of the achievements of all our students.


Senior students in the grounds
Working in the art studio
Student and teacher performing

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