In the 21st century, schools must provide students with both the academic skills and the personal strength to deal with a demanding and unpredictable future. More than ever before, we need to be independent, adaptable and creative in our thinking. At Korowal we aim to give young people the time and care necessary to develop themselves and their abilities so that they are prepared for an exciting and complex world.

By emphasizing the social relationships at the core of education, Korowal aims to bring these different needs together, giving students a confident sense of themselves and strengthening their ability to work with and learn from others.

Our curriculum is based on the mandatory requirements of the Board of Studies but has been carefully designed

  • to be sensitive to the needs and talents of individual students. 
  • to operate flexibly within a multiple aged learning group. 
  • to enhance cognitive ability, critical thinking, and creativity. 
  • to integrate creative with formal work. 
  • to integrate separate learning areas within an interdisciplinary perspective (via main lessons and focus studies.) This maximizes children’s intrinsic interest in learning. 
  • To allow for immersion and thus to develop an extended concentration span. 
  • To emphasize quality. We ensure that the school provides quality materials for all academic and creative work and play. Teachers and students are expected to take time to plan, think through and complete their work. We encourage students to take pride in their work and in the sense of personal achievement that arises from it.
In their own words

"At Korowal I feel respected, and because of this I want to learn and I have fun when I learn. That is what I think a school should be."
Year 10 student

"Korowal is an active school and it has good sense in drama. It’s very musical and has great ideas such as main lesson."
Class 3/4/5 student

"I love it how we have a special PE teacher and a special Italian teacher. It’s great how we do so much Art. It’s cool how we have high school because some of them are really nice."
Class 3/4/5 student

"A student like me who takes a great interest in his work feels no condescension, only support."
Year 9 student

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