Primary school curriculum

In the primary school, our integrated approach to curriculum aims to enrich children's relationships with their world, to encourage them to make original connections, to develop their powers of concentration and to trust their intuition.

In recent years, great anxiety has developed within the Australian community about the teaching of basic skills. Throughout the primary years, we maintain a clear focus on taking time to establish strong foundations in all of the basic skills upon which later learning depends. By placing equal emphasis on the skills of listening, concentrating, manual dexterity and visual recognition, Korowal prepares children to become effective and motivated learners.

Our curriculum is organised around the concept of the main lesson, when children are immersed for an extended period in the study of a particular topic. The main lesson provides for a depth of knowledge across key subject areas. It allows children to experience different aspects of a subject, and shows them how subjects connect with one another. Main lesson builds on children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. It is an effective way of recognising and enhancing the multiple intelligences of our students.


In their own words

"It’s like a big hotel where you stay for the day and go home in the afternoon."
Kindergarten student

It’s really joyful."
Kindergarten student

"We don’t wear uniforms and there’s lots of environment."
Class 2 student