Students who live close to the school may walk, entering through the Hall Parade entrance to Korowal.

A Risk Managment plan for the information for Parents, Carers of Children who Travel on the Korowal School Bus can be found here.

Transport arrangements





Bathurst to Central

       Blackheath:        8.02

       Katoomba           8.14

       Lawson               8.32

       Hazelbrook         8.35

Primary School students who travel by train must leave the train at Lawson and walk across to San Jose Avenue, where they will wait for the 525 bus which will depart at 9am.  We will require a signed permission note for PS students who travel by train.  If you wish for your child to walk to School from Hazelbrook, please discuss this with Nancy first.


High School students may continue on to Hazelbrook.  They then have the option of catching the 525 bus from Oaklands Road at 9.10 or walking to school.


Central to Bathurst

       Glenbrook           8.24

       Springwood        8.42

       Hazelbrook         9.00


PS students
 who travel from stations east of Springwood are requested to get off at Springwood to catch the Korowal school bus, which leaves from
 Station Street (NOT Macquarie Street) at 08.55am.  NB:  In the event of the train running late, the PS students will stay on the train with the HS students and get off at Hazelbrook to catch the bus.


HS students get off at Hazelbrook to catch the 525 bus from Oaklands Road at 9.10.  If the train is late, there is a second bus, the 523, which departs at 9.17. 




All students who are catching the bus from Oaklands Road MUST use the traffic lights near the corner of Oaklands and the GWH.  Parents will be informed if their child is seen crossing elsewhere.  This road is not safe and some students have been seen crossing unsafely. 


Students who walk to school, and this is encouraged, MUST stay on the eastern side of Oaklands Road ie not cross over at the lights, as there is no footpath for the western side of the road.  The students then cross near the school drive which is in a school safety zone. 

The Risk Management plan is emailed home at the beginning of each year and is available via the School's noticeboard.







To Lapstone:
Bus to the station: Keith will drive high school students who travel beyond Springwood and Katoomba together with primary school students who live between Hazelbrook and Lapstone.  The primary school students will be met at the station by a supervisor, who will travel with them on the eastbound train, as far as Lapstone.


There are 2 buses for High School students that leave from Redgum Avenue at 3.45.  One travels to Springwood and one to Katoomba.  Students who live in Winmalee need to catch the Springwood bus.  There is a connecting bus that goes to Winmalee from Springwood.  If the bus to Springwood is running late, students may request the driver to inform the bus depot so that the Winmalee bus is held back to allow them to make the connection.

Students are supervised from school to the bus stop at Redgum Avenue and at the bus stop.


Travel using the Korowal School Bus



PS students from Katoomba:

The school bus will leave from Katoomba, picking up PS students at bus stops along the way and delivering them to the school library, where they will be supervised until 9am when playground supervision is available.
Katoomba, Gearings side of station                                                                        07.50 am
Leura, Leura Mall (children to congregate outside Teddy Sinclairs)                     07.55 am
W'worth Falls, bus stop on GWH  just beyond traffic lights                                  08:05 am
Lawson, GWH side of railway station, near traffic lights                                       08:15 am


PS students from Springwood:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The school bus will leave from Station Street (NOT Macquarie Street) at 08.55am, picking up PS students at bus stops along the way and delivering them to the school turning circle.



PS students to Katoomba

Students will leave school at approximately 3.30 and be dropped off at stops along the GWH.

Bus Arrives (ish)
Lawson, Honour Avenue bus stop                                                                         03.40 pm
W'worth Falls, bus stop on GWH just beyond traffic lights                                 03.50 pm
Leura, outside Leura Garage Cafe, Railway Parade                                             04.00 pm

Katoomba, Gearins side of station                                                                        04.05pm

Please note that the Korowal bus is not available for HS students in the afternoons:

·       unless a direct request has been made in writing or

·       unless they live beyond Springwood or Katoomba. 



Useful Information