Dress code

Korowal students do not wear a school uniform. There is, however, an accepted dress code:

  • Students must be appropriately dressed, i.e. allowing freedom of movement for activities such as P.E., and offering adequate covering and protection.
  • Footwear must be adequate: thongs are not acceptable. Appropriate footwear is expected - and in some High School subjects mandatory.
  • Hats providing protection for faces, ears and necks are compulsory - full brimmed hats or legionnaire style caps must be worn whilst outside. An exception is made for the winter terms (2 and 3) when beanies may be a preferred option!
  • Note that there is quite a difference in temperature and weather between the upper, mid and lower Mountains. With the move to Hazelbrook, children and families will need to get used to new conditions -  and no doubt families will be monitoring the children's experience. The weather can change rapidly during the day - mornings may still be cool  so your child will need to have clothing for coll and warmer weather. Dressing in layers makes things easier.
  • Please make sure all clothing is labelled with the child's name and phone number.
  • T-shirts with negative messages/images are not acceptable.