Responsibilities of the School Council

Korowal School Council is the governance body of the school. It sets overall policy and oversees the management to ensure that the school is run properly and consistently with our human centred principles. The day-to-day operation of the school is managed by the executive.

Under the consitution, Korowal School Council acts according to the following general principles:

  1. Provide effective and ethical leadership for the school.
  2. Set strategic direction.
  3. Define policy.
  4. Ensure the school is well managed with appropriate organisational structure.
  5. Ensure ethical behaviour throughout the school.
  6. Ensure that staff receive adequate training to discharge their responsibilities.
  7. Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.
  8. Ensure appropriate risk management, particularly in the relation to financial reporting, internal control, fraud control, loss control and prevention, insurance performance and contractual exposure.
  9. Ensure that the Council regularly reviews its own conduct, particularly in striving to achieve consensus and being consistent with our human centred principles.

In the application of these principles, the Council is required to rely on an effective committee structure. 

As well as financial management of the school, the School Council is responsible for the formulation and implementation of education policy at Korowal School, and for employment matters.

“Korowal is the funnest, nicest, most relaxed school. It has the nicest teachers and has no uniforms. You are judged as yourself, not just another student."

Year 10 student