Searching the catalogue

To find a book or other resource in the library, you can search the database by logging into Username:Browse (no Password) or accessing the Browse screen by going to the Home page http://home/ and clicking on the Library link. It will show you the following screen:

Korowal School - Library home page

You may request information using, Title, Author, Subject, Series, Notes, Publisher and Find all (which looks in all fields but is very slow as a result) and specify the type of resource if you wish (book, video, etc.).

Choose the category by clicking on the button to the left of the category. e.g. Author Then type in what you want to search for e.g. Rowling__________ Then click on Search. [Tip: the simpler you make what you are searching for (e.g. first try Rowling rather thanJ.K. Rowling) the more chance you will match the database.]

The screen will read:

Search for the author Rowling found 2 items.
Marye Rowling
Rowling, J.K.

You click on the item you want, say Rowling J.K.

The next screen will read.

Search for the author Rowling found 5 items

Title Author GMD Section Edition Site Call Nr Avail
Harry Potter Rowling, J.K BK F   Lib F Row 0

Choose the book title you want and the Call Nr will tell you where it should be located in the library. The Avail column will tell you how many copies are currently in the library. If it says 0, someone has borrowed the book. If you click on the book, it will give you more details about the book including if the book is out, when it is due back. You can ask the librarian to reserve it for you when it comes back.

Subject Headings

All items in the library have been catalogued under 1 or more subject headings.

Problems & Solutions for Catalogue Searching

If you do not find what you are looking for:

  • try shortening the phrase (e.g. Disasters or else Volcanoes and in a separate search Earthquakes instead of Volcanoes and Earthquakes)
  • try broadening your search (e.g. birds or water birds instead of egret)
  • Shorten the word (e.g. chant instead of chanting or chants)
  • Check that the spelling is correct. If you are not sure, just put in the first 3 letters.
  • Do not use the word ‘the’ in a search.
  • Search for the author’s name using the surname only.

The browser doesn’t care whether you put in upper or lower case. Punctuation is ignored. Find All looks in every field so will take longer and may result in unwanted matches but is useful if you are unsure where to search.

The library has a remarkable collection
The library has a remarkable collection