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Computer technology and the Internet have not only changed our culture, leisure, and work, but have also had a profound impact on learning.

The role of the school and the teacher, especially in high school, is changing from communicating information and skills to empowering the students themselves to find and process information. The process of finding and creating information from data, arriving at a meaningful outcome, and evaluating this outcome, is becoming increasingly central in learning for the future. We therefore endeavour to educate our students to be able to take advantage of this freedom and wealth of information in a responsible and fruitful way.

At Korowal School, students have computer access in all subjects in the high school, and are also given the guidance necessary to learn and work with digital media successfully.

Every user has an email account and a calendar and can remotely access school files from home.

Our Learning Resource Center has multiple computers, including laptops (not to mention 14,000 books), all connected to the Internet.

There are network points in most classrooms.

The Primary school has a computer per room in class 3 to 6, which is mainly used for word processing and some playful skill training in Maths and English.

We believe that there is no place for computers in our classrooms at an earlier age, as the abstraction inherent in working with computers does not support the strong foundation-building which we try to achieve at this stage. The introduction of computers into the classrooms at Korowal is timed to coincide with the need to manage increasing quantities of information as students move into high school.

In a human centered school, technology needs to be integrated as a human activity. Information technology should be accessible and user friendly, so that people can become empowered and confident users. It is important that subject curricula reflect this approach, so students can become independent masters of this technology, rather than passive victims. In our teaching and curriculum design we maintain an age-appropriate balance between process and content, so that students can critically evaluate the extraordinary quantities of information available via computers. The future holds changes beyond our current imagination, and only students with the confidence arising from meaningful application of IT will be able to take a proactive part in the future of broadband, multi media and virtual reality, and have the ability to adjust to a constantly changing world.

There is also a moral dimension to using IT. Computers are increasingly powerful tools in the hands of individuals, and they can be used constructively or destructively. As a school, we have developed a culture of trust and sharing. Our students appreciate computers and the Internet as tools that help them to work together more productively and creatively and to produce quality work.

For students who might be experiencing difficulties in learning or in staying focused, computers provide an individualized work space and software tools to support their efforts.

At Korowal School, we aim to prepare our students to be able to use IT confidently, competently, ethically and creatively, without fear or restriction.

Computer classroom at Korowal School.
Computer classroom at Korowal School.

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