Korowal Scholarship Fund

The school has now established a Scholarship Fund that is eligible to received tax deductible donations.

In the next few weeks an invitation will be sent to anyone interested in being part of the Advisory Committee to oversee the operations of the fund and to establish programs for fundraising. If you accept the invitation, or express an interest in being part of the committee, you will be provided with a comprehensive guideline package outlining the operations of the Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee.

The school wishes to expand the operations of its existing scholarship program to include not only merit based scholarships, but scholarships that are awarded on the basis of equity. The Advisory Committee would be responsible for helping to develop and sustain the expanded program.

The Scholarship fund is available to receive tax deductible donations immediately. This tax year will end shortly so if you, or someone you know, feel you are in a position to further support the school through a donation to the fund, then I encourage to contact the school before June 30 so we can assist.

If the idea of making tax deductible donations to the fund on a regular basis appeals to you we can assist in helping you put arrangements in place to make regular donations from your wages. In addition to this, should you be aware of any person, or any organisation, who may wish to enter into a philanthropic relationship with the school, then the Scholarship Fund provides an excellent opportunity to explore a range of possibilities.

Outdoor Education at Korowal School
Outdoor Education at Korowal School

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