Community principles at Korowal

One of the most important aims of education is learning to live in relationship with others. Learning and social development are inherently communal.

In a society which increasingly promotes competitive individualism, Korowal actively fosters the ethics and values of community.

Korowal is small enough for parents, teachers, and students of all ages to know and understand each other, yet large enough to offer a stimulating social and learning environment. Multiple aged learning groups and team teaching are designed to encourage attachments across the school community that offer far more security and flexibility than the traditional single-aged / single teacher class structure employed in most schools.

A nurturing, creative community is the best context for happiness and success in education.

In their own words

“Korowal is like a bigger, larger, second family.”

Year 10 student

“Korowal is more like an extended family than a school.”

Year 9 student