Korowal Studios

The Korowal Studios offer the opportunity for students in our primary and high school to learn music, singing, yoga, drama and dance at Korowal both within school hours and after hours. We alos welcome students from other schools after 3.030pm. 


We are fortunate to have many talented and experienced artists working with us in the Studios. Most of them are Korowal parents and/or already teach students from Korowal privately.

How to make a booking

You will find all sessional teachers' email addresses and phone numbers on this page. We ask that students and their parent/s arrange a time for their session directly with the teacher. It is desirable that it is always the same day and same.

If the session occurs within school hours, the student will be coming out of class. It is recommended that the parent/ student negotiates this prior to formalising the arrangement with the tutor by referring to the students’ timetable in high school, then booking a time which will always work for them. In Primary school, we recommend that you chat with the class teacher to discuss the optimum times. This is particularly significant if there are more than 1 student in a booking- eg. Duo/ small group sessions.

In the high school we have 3 rotating timetables, which means that the session may not always coincide with the same subject. For example, English, Science and HSIE are taught as Focus Studies and rotate as timetable A, B and C. If the student has a lesson in Focus Study time, they will hit the same subject only 2 weeks out of 6- ie. two weeks of English, then 2 weeks of Science, then 2 weeks of HSIE. This could be an advantage. In contrast, there are always spaces in the school day when the timetable remains the same for each rotation.

It is advisable that when a time has been arranged, the student /parent discuss this with their teacher. The teachers are in full support of the Korowal Studios and we do not envisage that time out for sessions will be an issue. It is more a courtesy. By starting in week 2 of the term, that is from the week beginning Monday 6th February, there is time to confirm their proposed booking with the subject teacher if they are required to come out of class.

Senior students, ie Years 11 and 12, are in a slightly different situation as their first commitment is to their HSC coursework. They also have rotating timetables and depending on their studentship, may be released with the teachers' consent. This needs to be negotiated by them with their teachers. The students have free periods and times where they may always be free. They need to refer to their timetables.

School hours are 9.30am-3.20pm in the primary and high, and 8.30am - 4.15pm in the senior school. There is a bus which high school students can get from the top of Oaklands Road, Hazelbrook around 8.15am. This would get them to school for an 8.30am start, if you want to begin before school. There is a late bus after school which goes up to the station at 4.15pm.

Tuition Costs

It is recommended that the individual 30 minutes sessions fall between $30.00 -$40.00. Some sessions may be 60 minutes. Please arrange payment with your tutor as Korowal will not be involved with the collection of fees.


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Korowal Studios - Tutors

Click the links to view full details of our tutors and what they offer at Korowal Studios.

Eliot Boyd Reynolds
Guitar, bass, mandolin, musicianship and theory
Neill Duncan
Kit drumming, saxophone, clarinet
Rachel Hannan

Eliot Boyd Reynolds

Tuition in guitar, bass, mandolin, musicianship and theory. AMEB 1991. Full writer, APRA 1991.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music producer and professional teacher since 1987. At Korowal I will be offering inspirational tuition in guitar,bass and mandolin. I have a wealth of experience working with students of all ages and have run courses for NSW Department Of Community Services, music centres and schools.

As a musician I have played with over 30 Australian bands including Matt Finish and more recently our own Blue Mountains based SideShow Annie. Over the years I have played specialist roles in the Australian Queen Show (as Brian May), the Australian Cure Show and the Australian Yes Show (as Steve Howe). I have toured with performers such as the Beach Boys (USA), Gerry and the Pacemakers (UK), INXS, James Reyne, The Choir Boys, Noiseworks, Mike Caro (Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, Erasure), Spy V Spy, Paul Wheeler (Icehouse), Rod Ford (Crossfire/Galapagos Duck),Vanetta Fields (John Farnham), Harry Bruce(Australian Crawl/Renee Geyer/Leo Sayer) and Harry Manx (USA).

My music has been published by Warners/Orient Pacific/Alberts since 1991. I have released CDs both independently and through BMG. I have composed for Home and Away, major Hollywood film libraries, Cannes Film Festival films and Western Sydney University educational releases. I also run SongCave Studios – Lawson recording studio where I record and produce my own and other artists' music. In addition I run open mic nights across the Blue Mountains and have an excellent reputation/rapport with musicians far and wide.

Eliot Boyd Reynolds Ph: 0402 224 122 Email: eliot@songcave.net  

Neill Duncan. Tuition in kit drumming, saxophone and clarinet.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music producer and fully trained and qualified teacher. At Korowal I will be offering creative tuition in kit drumming, saxophone and clarinet. I also hope to run band workshops where musicians play in groups to develop repertoires for performance and eventually recording. I have a vast experience in working with students from Primary to HSC level.

As a musician I have played in many of New Zealand and Australia's more eccentric bands including Darth Vegas, The Jews Brothers, The Mutton Birds and The Spines. With these and other bands I have released many records and toured extensively around New Zealand, Australia, Europe and America. I have also composed many TV, film and theatre and soundtracks, two of which have received awards.  I now run a recording studio where I record and produce my own and other composers music.

Neill Duncan Ph: 4782 9313; mb: 0427 971 177 neillvis3000@yahoo.co.nz

Rachel Hannan – Singing

I have been performing as a jazz vocalist and recording artist for over 20 years in Sydney, Newcastle and the Blue Mountains. I have training in AMEB Opera Studies and Musicianship.

I have enjoyed teaching singing for 15 years, from pre-schoolers through to adults. I specialise in vocal coaching for HSC performance. Having lived in the Blue Mountains for 18 years, I have taught voice to many Korowal students and assisted with singing coaching for the Korowal Cabarets. I am returning to sessional teaching at Korowal after a 6 year break.

Rachel Hannan: Ph: 47574613; Mb: 0401057799

I began learning classical violin when I was seven and continued my studies to gain a BA (Hons) in Music.  I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and teach as a primary school classroom teacher at Korowal and Faulconbridge public.  

I am offering beginner to advanced violin and recorders tuition for children in the primary and high school at Korowal. I teach classical techniques and theory in these instruments, as well as improvisation.

I currently lead the Blue Mountains String Trio-Quartet, playing at functions in the Blue Mountains community. There will be opportunity for students who are interested in ensemble playing to gain experience playing and performing with others.

I have accompanied many singer-songwriters, performing in pop and folk bands in Bristol, Norfolk, London and with celtic harpist Martyn Cook in the Blue Mountains. I’ve been a member of the UEA Symphony Orchestra, Bristol Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Metropolitan Orchestra and Penrith Symphony Orchestra.

Lucy Jankowski

0450 206126, lucycooper1977@gmail.com