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Latest news

Window with a View - Week 7, Term 3 2018

We began Week 7 with primary and high school students doing a walk around the school to see the work displays set up for Open Day. It was a treat for us all to go from Kindy through to high school and see the development of skills and ideas realised, from building blocks, crayon and pencil through to lab experiments, robotics and drone photography.

The beauty of being a K-12 school was so evident on this walk. Seeing our K,1,2 Creative Dance experiences this week, juxtaposed against the HSC Drama performances for the examiners on Tuesday also. It's wonderful to access the skills, expertise and passions of parents and families in ways that enrich our curriculum.  Primary PE classes have just benefited from a visit from Soul Groove Kids Creative Dance, run by Lincoln's (Kindy) mum, Sasha.  Year 1 and 2 were engrossed in the creative dance experience, inspired by Sasha's amazing props and great music choices.  They didn't want the sessions to end!

Playfulness, discipline and skill were in abundance in the performances for the HSC Drama examination, and the students’ capacity to play was at the core of all of their works. They had engaged in hard work, with rigour and grit, and we were very impressed with the level of skill, talent and entertaining characters presented to the audience. Congratulations are extended to our HSC Drama students, and to Kelly for facilitating and teaching this group.

This coming week Year 9 will be on camp at ‘The Crossing’ near Bermagui, and Year 8 will be going to the Central Coast for their camp. Thankfully the weather conditions are more accommodating in this coming week than the previous dates booked for ‘The Crossing’, when there were over 30 fires in the surrounding area. We hope that the experiences you all have are memorable and bonding, and that you discover more interesting things about yourselves by accepting new challenges. We also thank the teachers who are accompanying the students, for without them our camps would not happen.

These days camps can challenge the students more than ever as they are required to switch off their devices and place them in the teachers care for the duration of the camps. The only immediate influences on them are the people they are with and the experiences they have. They are reminded to be present to, and to interact with, their surroundings. Inevitably after a camp one of the highlights for many students is the fact that they did not have their device but getting them to this stage can be like pulling teeth.

We are seeing more phones creeping into use in high school both before school, and at recess and lunch times. Our practice is that students’ phones are switched to silent, or off, on arrival at school. Until Year 11 we do not allow students to use their phones at school without prior permission. You can help us to hold this and prevent their constant distractions by ensuring that you do not contact your child through their mobile device during school hours, and by directing your child to go to the school office or speak to a teacher if they need to call you. Our duty of care during school hours can only be observed if we know what is happening for the students. We will always call you if you child is unwell or distressed. During recess and lunch times we are keen for the students to be free of devices, to enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. Our grounds are vast and beautiful and we just need to remember to look outward.

In primary, this coming Monday Kindergarten have an excursion to Mt Tomah, then on Friday all of primary will enjoy their Huff and Puff Gala Day on our School grounds. You are all most welcome to come along to this fun event.

Finally, throughout this coming week our Year 11 and 12 students will sit their HSC Trial Exams, their final in-school assessment tasks for their HSC subjects this cycle. To you all, remember to breathe out and trust that you have retained the necessary knowledge, for doubt and panic will interfere with your thought processes. It is a test against the clock, not the sum total of who you are. Accept the challenge gracefully.

Have a great Week 8 of term!




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