Korowal alumni

The majority of our graduates leave after completing the H.S.C. Some leave at the end of year 10, usually to pursue apprenticeships or traineeships.

In preparing students for final exams, we are mindful that we must give them the skills and experience to enter a rapidly changing adult world. We do this by building strong foundations and motivation for lifelong learning; by providing teachers who are inspirational and committed; by fostering mutual respect and trust between students and teachers; and by encouraging students to discover their own strengths, weaknesses and personal goals.

Emphasis is given to the process of learning as well as to subject specifics, in the understanding that we are preparing students for an unpredictable and dynamic future. Respecting the process of learning gives our students the courage and enthusiasm to consider the widest range of post school options.

Korowal graduates are today involved in all aspects of society; in business and commerce; medicine; hospitality; computing; law; building trades; plumbing; education; social sciences; sports; academia; science; engineering; architecture and in the creative arts, as musicians, dancers, actors, writers, visual artists, and designers.

Korowal graduates have won prestigous prizes such as the Archibald Prize (visual arts) and the Vogel Literary Award and have been selected to represent Australia in the Commonwealth Games (athletics) .Other graduates are involved in internationally recognised scientific research.

Many are still pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate tertiary studies; many are raising families; and others are travellers exploring life’s possibilities.

Their learning is life long.

Senior students stay friends long after Korowal.
Senior student at Korowal
Senior students stay friends long after Korowal.
Senior student at Korowal.

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