GAELA Members

GAELA Associations represent the best language centres in the following countries.

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International House World Organisation

Member colleges in: 53 countries (please see website)
Number of members: 147
Year founded: 1953
Member profile:
IH schools are independently-owned and managed language centres (or language institutes which form part of a larger institution). These schools join the IH organisation for an annual membership fee, and use the IH brand. In becoming an IH school member they agree to adhere to the IH Quality Standards, and are inspected regularly according to the IH Code of Conduct and IH Quality Standards. IH schools which are members of EAQUALS are jointly inspected by both organisations.


Special features:
IH schools share not only a brand but the long-established educational philosophy, a commitment to high levels of teacher qualification and in-service teacher development, regular investment in educational development and innovation, and high-quality teaching and learning resources developed internally.
IH World Organisation has a detailed complaints procedure that deals with problems students and clients may have with any IH school.
Contact details:

T: +44-207-394-6580
F: +44-207-394-2149

IHWO, 13 Mill St London SE1 2BH UK

GAELA Stakeholders

GAELA meetings are also attended by other stakeholders who have an interest in supporting GAELA’s aims.

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