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Languages Canada

Member colleges in: Canada
Number of members: 144 English and French language programs
Year founded: 2007- as a result of merger between Canada Language Council (CLC) and Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS)
Member profile:
Languages Canada is Canada's premier language organization representing language programs in both of Canada's official languages: English and French.
Membership is strictly limited to programs, both public and private, which satisfy the rigorous accreditation standards of the association. The internationally recognized quality assurance accreditation scheme is comprehensive, and rigorously covers all areas of operations including curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration.
Members must successfully satisfy the rigorous accreditation process every three years, and they are recognized by government as established reputable programs and listed on the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials website for accredited programs
Special features:

- Code of Ethics: As a condition of membership, LC members must adhere to the Code of Ethics which ensures high professional and ethical commitment in various areas of operation.
- School Closure Policy: In the unlikely event of the closure of a Languages Canada member program, members are committed to assisting affected students whenever possible, by offering alternative courses that are of an equal value, have similar content, and are in the same geographical area of Canada, to the affected student's original program.
- Dispute Resolution Policy: LC is committed to judiciously evaluate and reconcile complaints made against a member program.

Contact details:

T: (604) 574-1532
F: (888) 277-0522

5886 – 169A Street, Surrey BC V3S 6Z8 Canada

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