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Member colleges in: Spain
Number of members: 90
Year founded: 1999
Member profile:

FEDELE is the Spanish Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language and it consists of six associations, which in turn comprise a total of 90 Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

FEDELE's main objective is to promote a status of quality in the Teaching of Spanish in Spain. All federated schools have obtained the quality stamp in the field of Spanish Teaching (Accreditation Certificate from Instituto Cervantes).

The most important lines of work that we operate in, with the support of our member schools, our institutions and our partners are:

-       Training

-       Promotion

-       Business development

The two Spanish organizations most directly involved in the promotion of Spanish around the world and in the spreading of the Spanish Language and Culture, TURESPAÑA andINSTITUTO CERVANTES, have both subscribed a cooperation agreement with FEDELE since 2004. This agreement contemplates a global policy on quality and on the international promotion of Spanish studies. You can visit our BLOG and news section for up to date information and news on this subject.

Special features:
Ever since its inception, one of FEDELE’s main objectives has been to offer quality in each of our member schools. These schools have therefore met quality standards and either been awarded the denomination of “Center Accredited by the INSTITUTO CERVANTES”. These quality controls are a very serious and trustworthy guarantee for students as well as for the agents that work with our schools. In line with this concern for quality, FEDELE has drawn up internal guidelines, described in our Letter of Quality which commits all schools to upholding certain standards in each of the services they offer (installations, teaching staff, programs, lodging, reception, activities, insurance, etc.).
Contact details:

T: (+34) 952 56 18 37
F: (+34) 952 44 10 90

Calle Enrique Scholtz, 4 1º-8, Málaga

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