GAELA & Agents


GAELA Associations work closely with education and language travel agents and their respective associations.

Agents play an important role in providing advice and information to help students choose which language centre and course is right for them. They can tell students about the different centres and courses that are available, about different destination options, and what the costs are likely to be. They understand the different visa options that are available to students and can assist with the visa application process.

In many countries there are Agent Associations which help to ensure professional practice. Just as GAELA is a forum for language associations there is a forum for agent associations called FELCA (Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations). GAELA meets on an annual basis with FELCA to discuss matters of mutual interest.

The various Associations across the world that are members of FELCA and GAELA are all working to promote language travel and to promote high standards within the work of their members.

Choose a language centre that is a member of an Association.

Choose an agent that is a member of an Association.

For more information about FELCA and their member associations, visit the FELCA Website.